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Service Appointment Booking

Provide 24/7 online access to book service appointments in as simple steps as possible.


For partners/retailers/OEMs whose end consumers want to book and manage appointments for their vehicle service. Service Appointment Booking provides endpoints to allow 24/7 hassle free and easy to use appointment booking facility where time slots are checked in real time against availability captured in Keyloop’s Dealer Management Systems.

Keep track of every appointment

Service Appointment Booking is integrated with your DMS, so every booked and cancelled appointment is automatically recorded there. No more making calls back and forth to find a suitable date – with Service Appointment Booking, you and your customers find the right time, first time, and can plan accordingly.

Faster, more efficient administration

Automating the booking process saves time and resources, freeing up your team to deal with other matters. The system automatically knows which timeslots are available – there’s no need to leaf through diaries or go back and forth. And, because cancelled appointments are directly transmitted into your DMS, those slots can be re-booked.

Better planning

You can be confident that everything in the diary is accurate and up to date, it becomes easier to plan around appointments – for your team and your customers. Your staff will know exactly what’s coming up and what might be needed, while your customers will appreciate the reliability of the service.

Increased customer satisfaction

It’s not just the reliability of service that your customers will appreciate. Service Appointment Booking is a digital system that offers 24/7 access – something that today’s customers, in an increasingly busy and digitised world, are coming to expect. Wherever they are, whatever device they’re on and whatever time it is, they have a simple, hassle-free way to book.

Availability: Autoline, Aswin, Automaster, Autoline Drive & WinDrakkar

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Provides endpoints to:

  • create service appointment
  • search for advisors
  • get service products and service categories
  • get booking options
  • search availability of advisors
  • search available slots using product and booking options


Create Service Appointment

Information collected in your application or front end touch point can be used to create the service appointment within the DMS seamlessly without the need to double key. It allow users to pass on the information on the vehicle to be served, the work that needs to be done, the requirements related to booking options (e.g. replacement transport) and the date and time of the appointment etc.

Search Advisors Search

Use a variety of parameters to get a list of advisors or uniquely search for a specific advisor to obtain their detailed information including their availability.

Service Products and Categories Search

Using a variety of parameters and our enhanced search capability you can easily identify categories and the service products, including detailed information about their availability. This can be combined with other end points to obtain available slots from DMS in real time.

Service Booking Options Search

Various booking options can be created and configured for the convenience of your customers. These booking options can then be used independently or in combination of service products to find availability from the DMS.

Search Availability

Save your customers time and provide transparency by searching for the available slots in the DMS in real time. Should customers changed their mind and want to add or delete certain products and options, more flexibility can then be built in the applications, by searching for the availability with various combinations.

Delete Appointment

Customer changed their mind? No problem. Appointments created using the APIs can be deleted if there is no work started on those within the DMS. This provides the flexibility in your applications to provide the full end to end workflow from creation to deletion.


Website providers

If you provide a booking application/website to an end consumer to make a service booking to a dealer, then SAB APIs will help your customers get real time visibility of the available slots & they can make the booking 24/7. In turn, it will help the dealers to reduce the re-keying as the booking will be made directly within the DMS.

Bodyshop Software Management companies

If you provide body shop repair appointment services to the end consumers and/or dealers, SAB APIs will allow you and your customers to access pricing and availability from dealer's DMSes in real time, and make appointments without having to call the dealer to place the booking.

Call centres

If you provide appointment services to the end consumers, SAB APIs will allow your customers to get available free slots in real time from dealer's DMSes and push appointments directly in the dealer workshop without having to waste any time in repeated communications.


If as an OEM you provide appointment services to the end consumers within your App, SAB APIs will help your customers to access available free slots and recommended service pricing from dealer's DMSes in real time, and make appointments without having to call back & forth to place the booking.