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Create new opportunities, save time and innovate faster than ever before.

Connections drive automotive commerce today

It's why we're on a mission to connect automotive partners worldwide to our dealer management system through the Keyloop Partner Programme.

The goal is to help dealers sell more, service more and increase efficiency whilst delivering a seamless customer experience.

The Keyloop Partner Programme provides access to a single platform that:
  • Connects you with our international network of dealers
  • Empowers you to share and manage data seamlessly
  • Offers you the possibility to scale your business
  • Provides new opportunities to find customers
Adrian Favill

Director of Technology, enquiryMAX

It's been really great working with the Keyloop Open Platform team. We've achieved a lot in a really short space of time, and the process has been collaborative, iterative and successful!

Become a Certified Partner

  1. Sign-up

    When you sign-up we'll appoint you a Partner Programme Manager who will guide you through the process of becoming certified.

  2. Development

    This is when you prepare your application for integration with Keyloop via the API layer.

  3. Testing

    Once the development is complete, the integration Keyloop will assist with testing to check for data integrity across both systems.

  4. Approval

    Your application will move to a pilot phase at a live dealer. At the end of the pilot, the integration will need to be signed-off by you, the dealer and Keyloop. At that point, you'll become a Certified Partner.

  5. Promotion

    Once certified, we'll give you go-to-market support to help promote your new 'Certified Partner' status, and your business will also be featured on our partner website.

How it works

At the core of the Partner Programme is the Keyloop Open Platform, which consists of a number of APIs which enable your systems and applications to transfer data to and from dealers' dealer management systems.

Regular updates

We continually review and update existing APIs and launch new APIs for partners to use.

Working with a partner who isn't certified?

If you're a dealer and you would like your partners to be integrated with your DMS, share this website with them and ask them to get in touch.