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Manage Vehicle Contracts

Create and modify contracts of individual vehicles within the DMS.


Manage Vehicle Contracts allows users to create and update customer vehicle related contracts such as a service plan within the Keyloop database. This can maintain vehicle contracts ensuring data accuracy and time saving with re-keying. Manage Vehicle Contracts is an integration product that provides real-time read/write capabilities within a dealer's DMS. This can help to ensure customer data is consistent, accurate and up-to-date in both the partner application and Keyloop database.

Availability: Autoline Drive (coming soon)

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Provides endpoints to:

  • Retrieve contracts for a specific vehicle
  • Retrieve a specific contract
  • Create and update contracts for specific vehicles


Create and update vehicle contracts in real time

Provides accurate view of the contracts associated to a vehicle.

Removes manual work and reduces errors

Reduces time spent on data entry by removing to need to re-key between two or three systems.

Reduces the likelihood of errors by removing duplication of work. This can provide confidence that marketing and telemarketing activities contact a customer with the correct details.

Ensures Keyloop data is up-to-date and accurate, enabling better targeting and delivery of marketing material.


Users can update the contracts associated to a vehicle and also create a new contract which will be stored in the DMS.