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Manage Customer Vehicle v2

Search for customer vehicles, find customer links, create a new customer vehicle, update key information such as registration dates and identity details.


Instantly create and retrieve customer vehicle information, customer links and update key information. This can ensure data accuracy and negate the need to re-key information across multiple systems. This is a comprehensive solution for anyone dealing with customer owned vehicles regularly who need to retrieve and update data.

This is an updated version of the original Manage Customer Vehicle API product offering additional end-points and capabilities.

Availability: AutoMaster, Dracar+, Drive, Eva, Autoline, WinDrakkar and Contact

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Previous Version: manage-customer-vehicle-v1

Provides endpoints to:

  • Find and retrieve details of an existing customer vehicle or create a new customer vehicle.
  • Find the customer/companies linked to a vehicle.
  • Update key identity details of a vehicle.
  • Update descriptions and codes of key base vehicle data. For example, make, model, variant, colour and description.
  • Update key registration data and dates on a vehicle.
  • Update the current odometer reading of a vehicle.
  • Update the technical data on a customer vehicle.
  • Update the official economy/emissions figures.


Manage customer vehicles in real time

Instantly create customer vehicles.

Retrieve customer vehicle information, customer/company links and update key information.

Removes manual work and reduces errors

Negate the need to re-key information.


Vehicle Sales

This product can be used by front-end systems to retrieve customer vehicle information and aid sales prospecting or trade in queries. Information can be updated where necessary.


This product can largely benefit an aftersales department, using an alternative front-end system, to manage a customer's vehicle and update data seamlessly.