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Manage Customer Privacy

Access and update the latest customer privacy statements.


For any partner or dealer with an application that has access to customer data, for example, across Sales, Service and/or Marketing. Manage Customer Privacy enables your application to access, create and manage customer privacy statements. Due to regulatory and compliance requirements, it is vital that partners/dealers manage their customer's communication privacy preferences. Manage Customer Privacy delivers the capability to do this.

Availability: Aswin, Autoline, Autoline Drive, Automaster.

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Provides endpoints to:

  • Create Privacy Statements
  • Update Privacy Preferences
  • Get Privacy statements


Regulatory Compliance

Retrieve and update customer privacy information to stay aligned with regulatory compliance requirements.

Customer Service

Offer improved customer service by communicating with customers in line with their marketing preferences.


Retrieve and update privacy preferences whilst conversing with the customer. This reduces the volume of manual re-keying, helping to reduce costs and resources.


All partner/dealers

Every partner that is using customer resources (Manage Customer, Find Customer) will have the requirement to retrieve and update these privacy resources.