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Find Customer

Search the latest customer base.


For partners and dealers who need to find and retrieve customer records from the latest customer base. The Keyloop database contains the majority of customer data, which makes it the ideal main source of truth. This can, therefore, reduce de-duplication of customer data between systems.

Availability: Aswin (coming soon), Autoline, Autoline Drive, Automaster (coming soon), DRACAR+, EVA (coming soon) and WinDrakkar (coming soon)

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New Version: find-customer-v3

Provides endpoints to:

  • Search for customer
  • Search for customer identity
  • Search for customer vehicles


Search for a Customer

Find and retrieve customer records from the customer database by using the filter criteria and query parameters.

Single source of truth

Partner applications can concentrate on adding value in their own space, as the customer data can be retrieved from Keyloop data systems as the single source of truth.

Reduce re-keying of data

Re-keying of customer data is reduced or eliminated, freeing employees to focus on profit-driving tasks.