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Change Vehicle Inspection Dates v2

Modify inspection dates of individual vehicles within the DMS.


Change Vehicle Inspection Dates allows users to modify the inspection due dates and registration date of individual vehicles within the Keyloop database. It can maintain inspection and registration dates and update instantly ensuring data accuracy and time is saved by avoiding with re-keying. Change Vehicle Inspection Dates is an integration that provides real-time read/write capabilities within your DMS and can help to ensure customer data is consistent, accurate and up-to-date in both the partner application and Keyloop database.

This is an updated version of the original Change Vehicle Inspection Dates API product offering additional end-points and capabilities.

Availability: AutoMaster, Dracar+, Drive, Eva, Autoline, WinDrakkar and Contact

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Provides endpoints to:

  • Retrieve customer vehicle information.
  • Retrieve and update vehicle inspection dates.
  • Retrieve and update registration dates.


Update vehicle inspection dates in real time

Updates inspection due date and registration date for a customer vehicle in real-time.

Removes manual work and reduces errors

Reduces the likelihood of errors by removing duplication of work. This can provide confidence that marketing and telemarketing activities contact a customer with the correct details.


Dealers with customers' details held within the Keyloop database can use this to de-duplicate customer information and ensure accuracy within the partner application.

Users can update the customer vehicle inspection due dates such as government mandated inspection like MOT in the UK to enable accurate marketing.