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Video - In Development

Offer a connected experience by integrating Keyloop's VHC data with the video workflow.


For the dealers who want to provide a seamless experience to their customers. The video product is a comprehensive product that delivers all the VHC recordings and outcomes to partner applications and captures the customer decisions in a seamless way. Unlike the non-integrated products, our solution provides the tools needed for:

  • Offering a connected experience that will increase credibility with customer by providing digital experience in reporting and better customer interaction.
  • Increasing chances of conversion and upsell opportunity for the dealers.
  • Maintaining consumer stickiness, increasing consumer satisfaction, trust and brand loyalty for dealers.

Availability: Autoline Rev8 (coming soon)

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Provides endpoints to:

  • Search for repair orders
  • Get repair order details
  • Get VHC summary details
  • Update VHC customer authorization
  • Update/remove video content URL
  • Get VHC images


Repair order search

Use a variety of parameters to find existing repair orders. Our search capability lets you to identify unique repair order IDs which can then be used to obtain detailed information on their content.

Repair order overview

Every Keyloop repair order is rich with information that will help you serve your customers more effectively. Use our API to get an overview of the appointment and work scheduled for completion.

Detailed VHC job Information

For every repair order, retrieve a detailed VHC summary with Job specifications, including the job condition codes, personalized pricing, and relay key information to your customer.

Update customer authorization for VHC jobs

Customer authorization collected in your application can be updated in the repair order against the relevant VHC jobs.

Update, remove video URL for VHC jobs

Video content captured in your application can be updated in the repair order against the relevant VHC jobs. This gives the dealers the flexibility to refer the customers to the video recorded to create more upsell opportunities.

VHC Images

For every VHC job, retrieve the still images captured by Keyloop's application during the recording of health check and relay key information to your customer.


Offer connected aftersales experience

If you are a aftersales video solution provider, you can save your users time by integrating vehicle inspection outcomes directly from the Keyloop DMS. Once those jobs are priced up, you can retrieve detailed information that can be relayed to your customer for approval and the update the authorization detail back into the DMS to assist further completion of the work. You can also access the still images captured by Keyloop's application and update the URL of video content captured in your application thus giving flexibility and tools needed for dealers to digitize the end consumer journey and increase upsell opportunities and brand loyalty through better customer interaction.