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Sales Leads - In Development

Early visibility of draft API specification designed to facilitate the creation of new and used vehicle leads.


The sales lead API will allow vehicle sale leads to be created in the dealer management systems. The API design is in Draft state. Early visibility for has been provided to help inform your roadmaps and have an opportunity to offer feedback and comment prior to publication.

Availability: In Development

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Provides endpoints to:

  • create a sales lead


Deliver a sales lead to the handling dealer or user. The scope of the API payload will include:

  • Contact information
  • Vehicle of interest/trade-ins
  • Current vehicle/Trade-in
  • Supplier references (E.g. Lead ID, Customer ID, etc.)
  • Notes

The API may submit one, and only one, lead - submitting multiple leads will require multiple API calls. Successful acceptance of the lead will include, in the response, a Keyloop unique identifier for the lead. The target DMS will assign its own lead ID - this will not be included in the initial response, but will be included in any future supporting API (E.g. lead activities). Capabilities might vary depending on the DMS.


Lead Management

Your Lead Management processes and tools will capture and, potentially qualify, vehicle sales leads. Downstream processing demands may depend on the dealer management system and key lead information may be shared with the proposed API design. The Sales Lead API can manage the full spectrum of lead information, from minimal contact information through to a fully configured vehicle/deal.

Electronic interchange of this information is critical to minimising data loss and mistakes together with reducing manual the manual burden of re-keying at the dealership.