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Sales Lead

Creation and retrieval of a vehicle sales lead


For partners or dealers who want to share new and used vehicle sales leads for processing within the Dealer Management System (DMS). The Sales Lead API allows vehicle sales leads to be imported into the DMS and progressed using existing DMS lead and sales workflows.

Availability: Automaster (coming soon), Autoline (Phase 1), Autoline Drive (Phase 1), Contact (Phase 1)

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Provides endpoints to:

  • import a sales lead
  • retrieve the imported lead


Deliver a sales lead to the handling dealer or user. The scope of the API payload includes:

  • Contact information
  • Vehicle of interest
  • Current vehicles
  • Notes

The API allows the submission of one lead - submitting multiple leads will require multiple API calls. Successful acceptance of the lead will include, in the response, a Keyloop unique identifier for the lead. The target DMS will assign its own lead ID.


Lead Management

Seamless lead process for partners and retailers to push Sales leads directly to the DMS for follow up. Ensures data accuracy and negates the time spent rekeying data. The sales team can access the lead quickly to help facilitate quality customer conversations maximising sales opportunity.

Rapid as Lead Manager partner will be able to push the leads from their system to calling DMS via the new version of Sales lead API with addition of new optional fields added to support Rapid Spec.