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Reserve Vehicle Inventory Items

Find and reserve inventory vehicle stock, instantly removing it from sale.


For partners, retailers or OEMs who need to reserve a dealership's vehicle in stock, and remove it from sale. Reserve Inventory Vehicle helps to ensure vehicle availability is up-to-date and accurate. Time is saved by reducing the need to update manually and once the reservation is sent to the Keyloop Dealer Management System (DMS), the vehicle is no longer available to sell. Unlike having an un-integrated vehicle reservation function on a front end system, this product sends the vehicle reservation details back to the relevant stock vehicle in the DMS. This gives the prospective customer confidence as their reserved vehicle is removed from sale.

Availability: Autoline Drive, Autoline, Automaster, EVA, Aswin, Dracar+, Windrakkar

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Provides endpoints to:

  • Search for new and used vehicle stock
  • Reserve specific stock vehicles
  • Cancel vehicle reservation


New and used vehicle stock information

Obtain the latest information about your new and used vehicle stock at your fingertips in real-time, including any changes to the specification, pricing or availability.

Instantly reserve dealership vehicle stock, taking it off sale

To avoid customer disappointment and poor CSI scores, ensure there is one view of vehicle stock availability. When reserving a vehicle from the front end application, it is seamlessly sent to the vehicle inventory stock record in your DMS and taken off sale.

Cancel the vehicle reservation, making it available for sale

Perhaps the customer has changed their mind about that car? No problem - update the vehicle directly by cancelling the reservation.


Showroom front-end software suppliers

This product can be used by partners to automate and synchronise their front-end showroom system into the DMS. This can eliminate the need for users to manually re-enter information and provides live search and update access to the DMS database.

Vehicle E-Commerce Portals & Vehicle Advertising Portals

This product can be used by partners and OEMs with a front-end website that publishes vehicles for sale and can enable reserving a stock vehicle instantly at the consumer's fingertips, taking it off sale in the DMS.