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Manage Purchase Orders - In Development

Early visibility of draft API specification designed to manage your parts purchasing process.


For partners and dealers, the API offers an easy-to-use interface for creating and submitting orders, improving the accuracy of orders and reducing the risk of errors. Stay informed of your purchase order's progress with our real-time status tracking feature. Dealers can retrieve order delivery details, enabling them to manage their inventory better.

Availability: In Development

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Provides endpoints to:

  • Create Purchase Order Draft
  • Edit Purchase Order Draft
  • Delete Purchase Order Draft
  • Submit Purchase Order
  • Get Purchase Order Status
  • Post Purchase Order Status
  • Get Delivery Notes
  • Post Delivery Notes


Purchase Order Creation:

Effortlessly generate draft stock orders and repair orders that can be easily modified to meet your specific requirements. Once ready, submit the purchase order to a Supplier for timely processing.

Real-Time Status Tracking:

Stay up-to-date of your purchase order's progress with our real-time status tracking feature. Receive timely updates on your purchase order's current status, ensuring that you are always aware of any potential delays or issues that may arise.

Delivery Notes:

Access delivery notes directly from your Dealer Management System, ensuring that you have the most up-to-date information. Stay informed of delivery details, enabling you to make informed decisions about your inventory and supply chain management.


Manage orders in the Dealership

The Parts Advisor needs to order parts from a Supplier. They use the Purchase Order API to create, edit and submit purchase orders to the Supplier.

Manage Orders Supplier

A Supplier needs to update dealerships about ordered parts. They use Delivery Notes API and the Purchase Order Status API to push status updates on purchase orders.

Track Inventory

A Dealership needs to keep track of the inventory of parts in its warehouse. They use the Delivery Notes API to record incoming parts and update their inventory system.


POST Draft Purchase Order
PUT Draft Purchase Order
DELETE Draft Purchase Order
POST Submit Purchase Order
GET Purchase Order Status
GET Delivery Notes
POST Purchase Order Status by Supplier
POST Delivery Notes by Supplier