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Manage Parts Supplier Catalogues - In Development

Get the Supplier's parts data and information, including product codes, descriptions, supersession and specific pricing details.


The Parts Supplier Catalogue API offers a seamless communication platform that enables Dealerships to easily access detailed information about the parts they need, including product codes, descriptions, supersession, and pricing. The API updates parts data overnight to ensure that Dealerships have access to the most up-to-date information, minimising delays and errors.

Availability: In Development

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Provides endpoints to:

  • Get parts catalogue updates
  • Retrieve parts-specific information
  • Post parts catalogue updates


Get the list of updated parts

Dealers can retrieve a list of parts that have been updated after a certain date, specified by the "Update After" parameter to the request. This endpoint provides the most current information about parts, tailored to the information and process needs based on the Supplier and market. Retrieve important details such as product codes, descriptions, supersessions, and pricing, giving you access to up-to-date parts information quickly and easily.

Search for a specific part

Retrieve part information based on a specific "partId". This information can include product descriptions, pricing, supersession and other relevant details. No need to access supersession anymore separately.

Suppliers to post parts updates

Suppliers can centrally update part catalogues automatically for Keyloop Dealers. This will help you to keep parts data information up to date and enhance the purchase ordering process. Simplify the process of sharing a parts catalogue and changes to keep everything current.



Suppliers can provide accurate and up-to-date parts data to Dealerships via Parts Catalogue API. This can improve the efficiency of the parts supply chain and increase customer satisfaction for dealerships. By giving real-time visibility into parts inventory, accurate parts pricing information, and technical documentation about parts, dealerships can reduce the time it takes to order parts, remain competitive in the market, and improve the quality of repairs and maintenance services.

Parts Advisor

If you are a Parts Advisor, the Parts Catalogue API can provide you with real-time access to accurate parts information, helping you to quickly find the right parts for a customer's vehicle and manage parts inventory more efficiently. This can lead to improved customer satisfaction by reducing the time it takes to find the right part and ensuring that the right parts are in stock. Additionally, the API can provide access to technical information about parts, helping you to answer customer questions more accurately and efficiently.

Repair Shop

If you are a workshop mechanic, the Parts Catalogue API can provide access to parts technical information and pricing data to help you diagnose and repair vehicles more efficiently. This can include quickly searching for parts prices, technical details as well as supersession information.


GET Parts Updates
GET Single Part Information
POST Parts Updates for Suppliers