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Manage Customers

Get consistent, accurate and up-to-date customer data.


For partners/dealers with sales, marketing and service applications who need real-time read/write capabilities to the customer record. Manage Customers facilitates the transfer of data, ensuring customer data is consistent, accurate and up-to-date in both the partner application and the Keyloop database. This ensures the integrity of customer data, reducing the reliance on multiple databases and reducing the rekeying of information.

Availability: Aswin (coming soon), Autoline, Autoline Drive, Automaster (coming soon), DRACAR+ and EVA (coming soon)

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New Version: manage-customers-v3

Provides endpoints to:

  • Search for a Customer
  • Create a Customer
  • Get Customer Details
  • Update Customer Details


Search for a customer

Find and retrieve customer records using the filter criteria and query parameters to access the latest list of customers. This will enable your organisation to have access to the dealer's latest customer database.

Create a customer

Create a customer within the DMS from an external source to enable further workflows in the customer journey process. This reduces the re-keying of data manually, helping to save time and costs.

Get customer details

Retrieve customer data for a given customer ID to ensure your organisation has the latest data including name, address, communication, privacy statements, vehicle links etc. This will help your organisation or application to provide the best customer experience.

Update customer details

Update customer data within the customer record to reduce the volume of re-keying between systems and ensure data is consistent. Update via your application directly into the Keyloop database when the customer arrives at the dealership.



A showroom application can search, obtain or update existing customer details or create new details with the customer present in the showroom. This reduces the need to manually re-key the data at a later date, reducing time and costs and ultimately increasing data accuracy.


Enables e-commerce provider's customers to update their own details helping to save time and money spent on customer service agents.

Customer Communications

Allows your application to access the latest customer communication data helping to increase the connection success rate of your campaigns.