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Inspect Vehicle - Advanced

Manage vehicle health-check repair orders in any Keyloop DMS without the need for re-keying.


Inspect Vehicle (Advanced) lets your application manage repair orders in Keyloop's dealer management systems. You can create, find and retrieve repair orders, and create jobs for technicians which can then be priced in the DMS.

Availability: Aswin, Autoline, Autoline Drive, Automaster, DRACAR+, EVA and WinDrakkar

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Provides endpoints to:

  • find customers & vehicles
  • create repair orders
  • find repair orders
  • create jobs on a repair order
  • get a repair order's details
  • manage parts, labor, fees and notes on jobs
  • add discounts


Create Repair Order

Information collected in your application can be used to seamlessly create the repair order within a Keyloop DMS, without having to re-key it manually.

Find and View Repair Orders

Every Keyloop Repair Order is rich with information that will help you serve your customer more effectively. Our search capability lets you find and retrieve Repair Orders in order to get an overview of the repair order, and the work scheduled for completion.

Add, Remove & Edit Jobs

Save your customers time and reduce errors by adding Jobs to an existing Repair Order without the need to re-key information in the DMS. Jobs give technicians and the parts department the framework they need to quickly price work for customer approval. Customer changed their mind? No problem. Edit or remove Jobs and line items as quickly as you added them.

Add Discounts

Any customer-agreed discounts can be added against the corresponding parts and labor, without having to re-key that information in the DMS.


Vehicle Inspections

If you provide a VHC solution, you can save your users time by sending inspection outcomes directly to a Keyloop DMS. Once those Jobs are priced up, you can retrieve detailed information that can be relayed to your customer for approval.


If your franchise uses bodyshop management software to manage crash repairs, you can write repair orders, and all their details into the DMS for invoicing, without re-keying.


POST Repair Order
GET Repair Order
POST Add job, labor, parts & notes