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Find Vehicle Service History

Find detailed service history for individual vehicles within the DMS.


The Service History API offers users the ability to access the service records for vehicles stored in their respective Keyloop DMS. As an integration product, the Service History API provides real-time lookup within a dealer's DMS, thereby allowing users to access and review detailed service history information for a given vehicle.

Availability: Aswin, Autoline Drive, Autoline Rev8, Windrakkar, Automaster, Dracar+, Eva

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Provides endpoints to:

  • Search for a service history record using the filter criteria specified within the query parameters
  • Retrieve a service history for a given {serviceHistoryId}


Save time and effort when finding vehicle service history

Ensures accurate data and time saved searching across multiple systems


The service advisor can retrieve the vehicle's service history

Based on its VIN using the API's endpoint GET /service-history and get a list of all service visits for a specified vehicle. This endpoint provides information including:

  • vehicle identification data
  • vehicle description
  • reference data
  • service visit details
  • The service advisor can retrieve detailed information

    About a specific service visit for a given vehicle using GET /service-history/[serviceHistoryId]. The endpoint provides following information:

  • vehicle identification data
  • vehicle description
  • reference data
  • detailed information on repair order including menus, labour, parts, fees and line payers