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Create Sales Activities - In Development

Early visibility of draft API specification designed to create new sales activities within the Dealer Management System.


The Create Sales Activities API can allow sales process related activities to be written by a partner application to the DMS. This will create a central location for all sales activity events, alongside activities that are created within the DMS to be viewed and analysed by the dealer. The API design is in a draft state. Early visibility for it has been provided to help inform your roadmaps and have an opportunity to offer feedback and comment prior to publication.

Availability: In Development

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Provides endpoints to:

  • Create sales activity
  • Get Activity Types
  • Search Sales Activity
  • Get Sales Activity by ID
  • Get related Sales Activity by ID


Create Sales Activity: The scope of the API payload will include:

  • Sales activity type
  • Time/date stamp
  • Customer ID
  • Notes
  • Campaign Reference
  • Previous Activity ID

The API allows for one submission only. Submitting multiple sales activities will require multiple API calls. Successful acceptance of the sales activity will include in the response, a Keyloop unique identifier for the activity. Capabilities might vary depending on the DMS.


Showroom Application

Your showroom application can create sales activities to the DMS customer record throughout the sales process with a customer. For example, a showroom appointment or test drive booked, sales quotation made, through to vehicle handover completed or a lost sale with a reason.